About me

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  • I’m an Argentinian living in Auckland, NZ
  • I love photography & try to take some pictures every now and then. I suck at sharing them though, but when I do, I post them here and here
  • I love music & can play some piano/guitar/anything-that-makes-noise


  • I’m a Software engineer & Cloud Architect
  • I used to be a nvim guy (fork of vim). Nowadays I mostly use vscode, can’t beat the productivity gains you get with proper intellisense. Back on nvim now.
  • I’m fluent Python, Golang, Javascript (and React & Next.js), PHP, some C, maybe some C#. I’m currently learning Elixir & Phoenix (and I love it!)
  • Terraform all the way.


  • Mt Ruapehu is my closest mountain (for now)
    • Summitted many times
    • Did Pinnacles traverse
    • Built a snow cave once
    • Slept in the plateau twice (second time in a storm and wet, yay!)
  • Tried to summit Mt Rolleston (don’t want to talk about it)
  • Tried summit Mt Aspiring like 3 times. You should ask me about the last time.
  • I walked Te Araroa North island, then Baby Naomi came, now I’m planning to bring her to TA South Island (on some sections at least)

Frequently asked questions (with no answers)

  • Are all argentinians this short?
  • What?! You are vegetarian and don’t like soccer??!! what kind of argentinian are you?!